We want to be your new favorite monthly subscription, bringing a smile to your face and fresh blooms to your door.We have few major differences from the average floral supplier: First, no mixed bouquets with unnecessary extras – BloomsyBox only deals in “single-variety”- hand-tied bunches; second, the flowers are sourced direct from suppliers in South America, Holland, Thailand and California meaning no middle-man mark-up to increase the price.

Every bouquet we send includes amazingly fresh, unique, and long-lasting blooms to brighten your day! Each stem is hand-picked from the farm, arranged in stunning bouquets, and delivered straight to your door in less than four days.

No more dull, dry, week-old flowers! Since most of our blooms arrive in bud form, they’re guaranteed to last longer than your typical store-bought bouquets.


Did you know your flowers are handpicked and put together in a beautiful bouquet directly on the farm they come from and go straight to your door? Your stunning blooms don’t sit in warehouses for days–or even weeks!–they’re available for you to enjoy in less than 4 days.